A nine letter word too vague to contain you
Trying to minimize my feelings
But how can I lie when instead
Of ink, I poured my passion into this pen
How can I lie about you when
My mind knows your smile so well
It can mentally reproduce it, even in your absence.

I fell in love with you the day I pulled you
Out to see something as beautiful as you –
The moon and the stars
I realized that the moon was simply a reflection of beauty
And had I not known that scientifically it reflects the sun, I would have thought it was a reflection of you.
But that night it did reflect you.

And even though you possess an irresistible pulchritude
It something much more stronger that is pulling me towards you
Something more than the rollercoaster ride and the adrenalin rush that comes from being with you

It’s like you’re always in your own world
And you have your own gravitational force and it,
Feels much more stronger than the one keeping me placed on this earth

I will pour my feelings for you
Into a glass and serve them to you
It’ll probably be one the best drinks you’ll ever drink
And I hope this drink makes you dizzy
And I hope it makes you drunk,
And I hope it makes you impulsive,
And I hope it makes you let go of everyone who has ever hurt you
And I hope it makes you drop all the facades
Enough to realize that you’re an angel on this earth and I can give you heaven


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