You transcend the physical
You’re a table away,
Yet I find it so hard to breathe
How are you so beautiful?

The contours of your face
Conspire to create the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen
And when you spoke it was as if your voice gave life to all that is around you
As if everything is grey and you are colour- my favourite colour

I swear sunlight was poured into your skin
And intimacy into your voice
You’re like magic- thrilling and enchanting
You’re all my favourite things put together

The feelings you provoke within me are intense
You could set me ablaze
You’re a beautiful kind of light, a bright one
And even though it’s painful looking at you sometimes, there’s a thrill that comes with the blindness of staring at your light for too long.

I treasure the seldom moments of looking into your beautiful eyes
I often think about having a conversation with you
Without your insecurities
Without your lies
Without your fears
Without limitation
And wonder what your soul feels like without your facades
I want to know if your pain tastes as good as your kindness
I want to be sweeter than your solitude
I want to know your loss and love you so hard that everything you’ve ever lost will come back to you.


4 thoughts on “Intense.

      • Yep. I am a bleeding heart romantic who falls hard… and for the wrong types of guys, so I make a habit of staying rather guarded and distant on the deeper levels. As such, I have longed to deeply connect at times, but due to the nature of the person, I couldn’t. And I have also been deeply desired by others, but for the nature of myself, I wouldn’t. Funny how that happens….


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