She and Her

I fell in love with her depth
Her eyes without mascara
Her cold lips. Her coldness
Her existence
The way she carried her pain
The way she pronounced boogie as booger
The adventure of being in love with her and all that she was
But she belonged to this world, and pain was her middle name
She was made of thorns,
Every touch to my heart felt like a stab.
She was the most beautiful being
And none of her beauty could be owed to her physical appearance
She was beautiful deep down to her soul
Beauty flowed in her veins

The abnormal intelligence
A powerful voice that grew silent in my presence
Her love for me was unlanguagable
I fell in love with her for no reason at all
I craved her in the corners of my conscience
And yearned for her in the gaps of my immorality
But her love was fire, which not even she could control
Her intention was to provide warmth
But she would often burn anyone who came into contact
Her love was painful, her love killed me.
And tonight I died silently in her presence
And every day I see her and,
I steal glances of a face that won’t even meet my eyes.

She was too broken
Her love was too consuming
She does not know how to love
Her love pierced me
She didn’t intend on hurting me
Her intentions are never clear anyway


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