Dear Soul Mate

Dear soul mate, I have never met you

but I have loved you since I was 18


I apologise in advance, sometimes I am paranoid-

And it will make me question everything, even your existence.


I know my pages are scattered

throughout my attempts to love another- please read me anyway.

On some days I will treat you like you are the reason for my messed up childhood.

When I let you go do not think I don’t love you- I am saving you.

Call me at 1 am even if you’re laying beside me

Let’s stargaze at 2 am- and if there are no stars, I’ll look at you.

Can you make me feel the warmth of the sun at 3 am?

If we can’t save each other, can we save others?

Challenge me, I crave growth.

Deepen my depth.

Will you look at me like I am your favourite art piece if the entire planet is a gallery?