Dear Soul Mate

Dear soul mate, I have never met you

but I have loved you since I was 18


I apologise in advance, sometimes I am paranoid-

And it will make me question everything, even your existence.


I know my pages are scattered

throughout my attempts to love another- please read me anyway.

On some days I will treat you like you are the reason for my messed up childhood.

When I let you go do not think I don’t love you- I am saving you.

Call me at 1 am even if you’re laying beside me

Let’s stargaze at 2 am- and if there are no stars, I’ll look at you.

Can you make me feel the warmth of the sun at 3 am?

If we can’t save each other, can we save others?

Challenge me, I crave growth.

Deepen my depth.

Will you look at me like I am your favourite art piece if the entire planet is a gallery?



7 thoughts on “Dear Soul Mate

  1. Please share this gift you have with some of us! You are an amazing soul and this can be seen in your poetry. keep at it, it’s truly amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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