Naturally, I seek you in every room
Effortlessly, I find myself entirely drawn to you
Eyes, thoughts, mind, body
Everything desires to gravitate towards you.
And when our eyes meet,
it’s like I’ve been set on fire, all this light flowing through my body,
I finally understand the concept of physical attraction.

Lately I find you in my constant thought.
The most effective drugs have heartbeats
You tangle my heartstrings
So my body plays foreign rhythms when you’re around
You make my mind travel, taking me places
No inhibitions. Eyes screaming intentions but
Lips sealed, only opening to receive yours.

I gave myself five days to forget you
But on all five days, thoughts of you became more vivid.
I’m steady on you.
See I can’t help thinking that maybe your hair is a reflection of your thoughts-
Spiralling, spilling and uncontrollable.
Your names means beautiful, but you’re so much more
Your language could easily become my favourite
As long as you’re the one that’s speaking it
You are the art in persuasion.

Reckless. We’re so reckless
A tsunami and a volcanic eruption in one place
Inevitable disaster.
Shallows seas seldom make waves
I learnt how to swim because I almost drowned
The danger area around a volcano is 32 km
But you’ve been closer
I think we’re good being disastrous, just not together
Spilling ourselves on each other
Throwing feelings in the air
I pray we never catch it.

We love living on the edge
Until one of us actually falls
Too late
They’ll ask me who you are
And since you look at me like I’m magical
A magician never tells.


Rea leboha (We thank you)

Rea leboha. We Thank You.
Because you didn’t just love me,
You loved my demons and all the skeletons of people I used to be

Rea leboha. On dark days,
The phone felt like the sun against my face
And your voice would fill me with light-
So if I couldn’t see around me, at least I could see within me

Rea leboha. You listened to my dreams and dreamt with me.
You taught me how to plant seeds of hope in my garden of pain.
I learnt that pain is the most fertile soil for growth.
I am still learning to cultivate from it.

Rea leboha. We became infinite.
So even though this love has ended,
I know we won’t.

Rea leboha. Your mind was my galaxy.
We don’t need to see constellations to stargaze.
It’s said that the sun is one of the biggest stars in the milky-way
You and I are two suns who tried to co-exist.
No wonder we defied the distance in between us, I could always feel your light
We tried so hard to be together.

Rea leboha. You never failed to shine on me every day.
I am not too good with commitment.
See, my heart is too heavy and it falls all over the place.
It was in constant need of saving
Falling but never breaking because of your selflessness.

Rea leboha. You taught me a love that can never hate
A love so transcending, so spiritual and biblical-
You brought the dead parts of me back to life.
I had to love you so deep to show myself
What I can give to myself.
I had to love you to love myself.

Rea leboha. We don’t break after every fall
But the hardest part about falling in love-
Is the climb back.