My melanin is a weapon.
I will never be unarmed.
The colour of my skin is the “crime” I committ everyday.
The colour of my skin is what I’m punished for everyday.
My skin carries negative stereotypes.
My skin carries intentions to kill, murder and steal
My skin is the greatest rebellion my body carries
My skin carries weapons only they see.
They exploit our gold, our oil, and most importantly- our skin
The foundation of all their wealth is made from our skin.
My skin carries an entire generation of poverty and sometimes I think its also carrying for the future.
You make us poor and then use our poverty against us.
And suddenly being poor robs me of my riches?
No, my skin is also dipped in the rich minerals of this country
Everything good that can be found in our soil, is found my skin- all that gold, all the copper, all that wealth.
That’s how you know I’m meant to be here.
To be black and Brown.
In a captalist country painted white,
is our greatest disadvantage.
Did you see, everything dark was taught to be associated with evil and unholiness.
They often say the white light is blinding and I couldn’t agree more.
They use the oppressed to oppress the oppressed.
I mean dear police officer,
the blue uniform does not take away the burdens your skin carry, they beat your heart and mind
black and blue so you put your legal duties before your moral ones.
Divide and conquer- colonialism tactics for our so called ‘freedom”
What’s freedom without equality?
Our lives are like apologies for not being white.
Everything unfair is “legal”
Now I should mention, South African Law stems from Roman Dutch and English Law.
How convenient to have our colonizers contribute to our legal system.
They’ll say “I’m racist.”
“I’m prejudiced.”
I’m “part of the problem”
“We need to move foward”
“We can’t dwell on the past”
People of colour can never be racist.
Racism is systematic oppression and so far the system has never been on our side.
I’m part of the problem created by you.
A step forward for you takes us 10 years backward.
We’re still fighting for the equality. We’re still…
Is it still the past if the oppressors are the same?