To the one who makes me feel like I am too much.

Baby do you ever look at the stars and think that it’s too much?
On cloudy nights is it not you who yearns to see atleast one star?
On clear nights is it not you who watches the stars so much, I can see them twinkle in your eyes.
what makes you think I’m anything less than a galaxy and I’m not made up of constellations?

Do you ever look at the ocean and think that there’s too much water?
I tried to be softer, to let you be the sea and I’d be the river returning to you endlessly.
But I became a flood- people like me aren’t meant to be small.

You treat me like I am too heavy.
Why did you attempt to carry someone who was born with wings.
See its this heaviness that anchors me-I will not sink.

You aren’t astonished by me because you have attained me now- you thinkĀ captured things aren’t beautiful anymore.
You’re in love with the wild, but you try to tame everyone you meet.
Didn’t they teach you- you cannot shackle those that are free in spirit.

You think I’m yours because you travelled miles to meet me, to place your flag on me, to say that you were here?
Go back to your people and ask them on nights when I make the whole world stare at me, if they can see that you’ve been here?
– the moon.

I’m not the girl you forget.
My brown skin is your favourite colour.
I am made up of burning stars and I do not settle for a love that is lukewarm.
I am not too much. I am endless and infinite. And when I say forever, I know I can be it.

-Lethica Nair15253330_284484258620472_1370721396426014720_n


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