Engrish for the Elites.

As people of colourimages if we’re going to say “We don’t owe anyone proper English” then we should stop belittling people when they struggle with English.
People like making these blanket statements when standing at points of privilege-those who speak “proper” English are the ones quick to use the “We don’t owe anyone English” while judging and belittling those who genuinely struggle with the language. Using English as a measurement of intelligence and totally disregarding the fact that there are many government schools(particularly in low income areas) that only offer English as a 1st Additional language(not on your Shakespearean level) and sometimes English is not even taught in English. And to avoid being ridiculed some people stick to their home language and people will still belittle.
Double standards.
Belittling won’t change the facts- it’s no secret that local schools are struggling to bridge the language gap. If bad English bothers you so much, take your proper English and tutor. Dear child, you first words to God were not in English. You place English above your native tongues, you place English above your mother’s tongue as if it was not her voice that comforted you time and time again- her language and the way it filled her mouth – when you speak your perfect English it feels like something is missing- like half of what you were supposed to say got stuck in your throat- lost in translation with the rest of your history that never made it into the textbooks. They say love as no language. In my opinion, hate has one.


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