Your name fills my mouth
The same way your lips did.
Days later, ripple effects of your touch still lingering.
Something so disastrous
But You want more of it
A longer volcanic eruption
You didn’t burn enough.
A longer earthquake
You want to feel tremors
A tsunami that lasts longer
Because you want to drown.
No inhibitions, these walls want to know you.
Screams your name. Practicing.
Your mind is a constellation.
I love stargazing.
There is no déjà vu for this experience. Just You.
I want proximity.
And each strand of hair to know you
As your touch my mind-me.
Pour into me. The way rain seeps into the earth-replenishing.
Lets get deep and
Explore the depths of each other.
I see the way you look at me.
You are a landlocked country
And I have brought the Indian Ocean to your feet.
You are the Sahara desert
I am bringing the rain.
You are experiencing a famine
I am preparing a seven colours meal for you.
The beauty in not knowing.
Fantasizing. Soaking in it before it dries.
Don’t look for me in this poem
Look for yourself.










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